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  • Does the fire department sell or inspect fire extinguishers ?
    We don't, but you can puchase or have you fire extinguishers inspected here.
  • If something happens, can I call the the Fire Department directly ?
    When an emergency occurs, it is important to contact 911 immediately. By dialing 911, you will be connected to a trained emergency dispatcher who will gather important information about the situation and dispatch the appropriate emergency services, including the fire department, if necessary. If you are aware of any potential hazard or safety issue in our community, contact us. If there is an immediate threat please contact 911.
  • Can I request a fire safety inspection for my property?
    No. This task belongs to the inspector.
  • What are the preventive actions I can take to make sure that the fire department can access my property ?
    You need to know your civic address and post it properly so emergency responders can find your house and workplace quickly: List of registered suppliers who sell civic address signs in each county of Nova Scotia. Make sure that your driveway is accessible:
  • What types of equipment and vehicles does the fire department have?
    Consult our fleet of vehicles section on the page "Meet us" page to learn about our vehicles, their technical specifications and their use.
  • Do I need a burning permit for outdoor fires in Nova Scotia ?
    Burning is allowed daily now that wildfire risk season has ended for the 2023 season. Starting 15 March 2024, burn restrictions will be updated daily. For more information, consult the webpage of the Government of Nova Scotia:
  • How is the fire department funded?
    While our income comes mainly from fire tax and municipal grants, donations are an important part of our funding. Donations are an essential part of our funding. You can donate here.
  • How can I become a volunteer firefighter?
    You will need to apply. All the information is available on our website: consult the "Volunteer" page to learn more.
  • What services are provided by the Fire Department ?
    1. Fire Response: RDFD responds to all types of fires, including house fires, wildland fires, and industrial fires. The department is equipped with firefighting equipment and trained personnel to respond quickly and effectively to any fire emergency. 2. Emergency Medical Services (EMS): RDFD provides basic life support (BLS) EMS services to the community. This includes responding to medical emergencies that require quick response, to perform CPR for example. 4. Public Education: RDFD conducts public education programs to promote fire safety and prevention. The department provides fire safety tips, conducts fire drills, and hosts community events to educate the public on fire safety. 5. Traffic accident 6. Floodings
  • How can I donate to support the fire department?
    Consult our "Donate" page.
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